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Eric Price


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Born and raised in Henderson, Eric Price is a Battle Born, true native Nevadan! Eric earned his bachelor’s degree and a

n MBA at UNLV and has spent his career in various occupations as a chemist, a contractor, a teacher, and a Medicare agent. This wide-ranging field is exactly what comes from a person enthusiastic about learning, sharing, and helping all those he comes in contact with.

With a long history of caring for and assisting others, Eric has earned his reputation as “Your Medicare Friend” one client at a time. Having spent many years teaching has enabled him to make the complex simple. Eric has a passion for helping his clients understand Medicare and how to make the most of its benefits for you and your family. Eric is licensed to place his clients in Medicare plans across the nation and often retains his loyal “Medicare Friends” even after they have moved out of Nevada.

Eric joined the Tyler Insurance Group to align with a team that feels the customer is the top priority. With a skill stack weighted towards training and development, Eric teaches agents in multiple states how to properly look after their most valuable resources, their clients. In his training, he will repeatedly say, “A friend is a person you can count on, someone who is there to help when needed. Every person that puts trust in a Medicare Agent deserves to have nothing less than a friend.”

Outside of spending time staying educated on Medicare, Eric feels the most enriching life is one spent with friends and family. With a large family and hundreds of clients as friends, it is a rich life indeed!