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4 Medicare Myths

medicareWith healthcare reform changing the face of medical care in the United States over the past several years, it can be difficult – and confusing – to separate the myths from the facts. If you’re worried about Medicare and have heard any of the following myths, it’s time to understand what’s true and what isn’t. Here are a few myths we’ve heard recently:

If I have Medicare, I’ll need more coverage.

While there may be a reason for you to get additional private insurance coverage to supplement for your current Medicare coverage, the Affordable Care Act doesn’t require you to change your insurance or buy any additional. If you’re a Medicare subscriber, you already fulfill the individual mandate, so you won’t face any fines. That said, if your personal situation requires more coverage than your Medicare plan covers, we can help you find the appropriate coverage.

I’ll have to switch doctors.

There’s a myth running rampant that Medicare patients will have to find new doctors, hospitals and other facilities. Recent changes to the healthcare industry don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to lose coverage with your doctor or facility of choice. Healthcare networks are ever expanding and insurance companies are working diligently to partner with more providers.

The Affordable Care Act cut Medicare coverage.

Some Medicare patients are worried that recent reform will reduce the quality of healthcare provided by Medicare. The law does make provisions to help curb Medicare’s soaring costs, but this shouldn’t affect quality of care. Instead, the cuts are aimed at encouraging patient-centered care.

My medications will be more expensive.

Actually, the opposite is likely true. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, a “doughnut hole” existing in Medicare Part D, wherein patients were required to pay full price for prescription drugs after reaching a certain threshold. That hole is closing and will disappear entirely after 2020.

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