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5 Reasons to Travel During Autumn

travel medical insuranceSummer is over and if you’re lamenting a summer lost without a vacation, don’t despair; there’s still time to plan some fantastic travel. And fall might actually be the best season in which to do it. Sure, the kids may be in school and schedules might be tight, but if you can hit the road or airport during the autumn months, you’re in for a treat. Here’s why:

All Kinds of Festivals

Fall and festivals go hand in hand. From Oktoberfest in Germany to Cirio de Nazare in Brazil to the Festival of Lights in India to Fantasy Fest in Key West, traveling in the fall gives you a great chance to not only see amazing sites, but also experience the culture firsthand.

Beautiful Scenery

Nothing says autumn like a beautiful valley draped in gold and orange foliage. During the fall months (in the northern hemisphere, at least), you’ll experience the beautiful scenery of changing leaves and foliage. Think about New England on a crisp October day.

Fewer Crowds

Oh, summer travelers, you won’t be missed. Fall travel is great because it enables you to actually relax, instead of fighting through crowds at airports and in touristy locations. If you’re headed to a tourist trap (like Disneyland or famous European landmarks), autumn is your best friend.

Better Pricing

Along with fewer crowds usually comes better pricing. You’ll find great deals on hotels and even airfare during the autumn “shoulder” season. That’s because hospitality and travel businesses are looking to fill vacant spots. Take advantage of the savings and extend your trip!

Great Shopping

With the holidays around the corner, your autumn vacation is the perfect excuse to pick up some unique holiday gifts. Think about it; your parents would likely prefer a keepsake item from an exotic locale than a sweater from a Black Friday sale.

Whether you’re traveling this fall or planning for the holiday, make sure travel medical insurance is on your packing list! Travel can be stressful, but insurance will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered if you need medical attention while you’re gone.

Heading somewhere this fall? Where to?

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