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5 Reasons to Cover Your Cat or Dog with Pet Insurance

pet insuranceIf you’re like us, your dog or cat isn’t just a pet you make sure to feed every day and take on an obligatory walk now and then. Your pet is part of the family, and you genuinely care about its health. So if you have a loving little fur ball at home, you’ve likely considered pet insurance – and for a good reason. Pet insurance can help keep you – and your dog or cat – feeling its best without breaking the bank. There are myriad reasons that pet insurance is a great option – both financially and out of concern for your furry friend. Here are a few of the most important.

Cats and dogs get sick too.

If you have kids – the human kind – you know that they get sick. A lot. And anytime they’re sick; you’ll do just about anything to make sure they start feeling better soon. The same goes for your dog or cat. Believe it or not, they catch viruses or suffer from congenital diseases or other conditions that could be making them feel terrible. The worst part is you might not even know it! Believe it or not, man’s best friend (oh, and cats too) can suffer from chronic illnesses like allergies, cancer, diabetes and even heart disease. And when they do, they’ll require a lot of vet visits, therapies and maybe even surgeries. You’ll want to ensure you don’t have to choose between breaking the bank and getting your pet the help he or she needs.

Your pet might get injured.

You already know animals get sick, but those playful dogs and cats are also prone to injury – injuries that could cause them excruciating pain and possibly limit their mobility. Whether your pet is naturally mischievous and adventurous or was hit by a car or involved in another accident, your cat or dog could experience broken bones, lacerations, torn nails and myriad other injuries. In fact, statistics show that four out of five pets will experience a medical emergency at some point in their lives. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with that.

You’re a good, responsible pet owner.

You might think of yourself more as a doggie or kitty parent than an owner. If that’s the case, having an insurance policy to cover your pet is a critical part of being a responsible parent. And aside from the obvious protection, it gives your furry friend; it’s also financially responsible. Veterinary care, while important, can be very costly and many people fail to budget for these inevitable expenses. Pet insurance takes a bit of the financial burden off you while giving you the peace of mind of knowing you’re fulfilling your responsibility.

You never know when you’ll need it.

As we mentioned before, vet bills never come at “convenient” times. Sure, you can’t plan for every unexpected event that might pop up and cost you some cash in life. But you can certainly help prepare for those that affect your pet. Rather than hoping your cat or dog never experiences an illness or injury, you can rest assured you can deal with one if it occurs.

It’s no fun to drain a savings account.

Even if you are responsible enough to set aside some savings for your pet’s expenses, a major illness or injury could drain that account very quickly – and possibly still leave you owing more. Instead of worrying about whether you’re saving enough to cover unforeseen medical expenses (because they’re exactly that – unforeseen), a pet insurance policy can help you make sure you’re covered.

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