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5 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Dental Insurance on the Health Exchange

 las vegas dental insuranceOver the last few years, the face of healthcare in the United States has changed. This is due largely in part to the Affordable Care Act, which mandates that all Americans have health insurance. That said, there is still some confusion when it comes to dental coverage. When it comes to your teeth, you might have a few questions: Do you need it? Is it required? What about the kids? We’re here to help, so if you have questions about dental insurance, give us a call today. But first, let’s get to the basics:

Kids Must be Offered

When you’re shopping for health plans on the exchange for your kids, these plans must offer dental coverage for kids. That said, you’re not required to take dental coverage. When you’re shopping for healthcare for yourself or other adults, your plan does not have to offer dental. That said, you can find dental insurance as part of a medical plan or as a standalone plan.

There’s Going to be a Cap

You’re probably accustomed to medical insurance, wherein you have an out-of-pocket maximum. Once you reach this maximum, your insurance company covers additional costs at 100 percent. Dental insurance is actually the opposite; there is a maximum amount that your dental insurance company will cover. After you reach this cap, you’ll be paying for care 100 percent.

Medical Insurance Might Have Some Coverage

Depending on your medical plan, there could be some coverage included for certain oral procedures like a necessary surgery. That said, if a procedure is at all elective, it’s highly unlikely your medical plan will cover it. Make sure you ask about covered oral treatments and procedures.

It’s About Routine Care

Dental insurance is important because it generally covers routine, preventative care – like oral exams, cleanings and x-rays – at 100 percent. Getting these twice-yearly exams and cleanings is an important part to maintaining optimal oral health, and when it’s paid for, you have no excuses!

There Might be Cost Assistance

While you won’t be able to apply premium tax credits to a stand-alone dental plan, you may be able to apply them toward a medical plan that includes a dental plan, thus saving you some money on dental insurance. If you need help navigating the exchange and finding any applicable credits or discounts, give us a call today.

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