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Questions to Ask When Shopping for Las Vegas Dental Insurance

 las vegas dental insuranceIf you’re among the 30 percent of Americans who fear the dentist, it’s time to take heart: the dentist isn’t all that scary. In fact, avoiding the dentist is a scarier proposition altogether. That’s because poor oral care can result in a number of medical issues, including bone loss, heart disease, not to mention tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why it’s important to have a good dental insurance policy in place. If you’re shopping around, here are a few questions you should ask potential insurers.

Is my dentist in your network?

If you already see a dentist (and you like him or her), you’ll likely want to choose an insurance plan that your dentist accepts. Las Vegas dental insurance works a lot like medical insurance in that certain doctors or facilities are considered “in network.”

What treatments does it cover?

You probably expect that your Las Vegas dental insurance will cover routine exams and cleanings, but it’s a good idea to get a breakdown of everything that’s covered. For example, what percentage of restorative procedures (like fillings and root canals) is covered? How many cleanings per year are paid?

Are treatments restricted?

Your plan might cover fillings, but you might later learn that they only cover silver fillings, not the white composite resin fillings you prefer. Get a breakdown of exactly what’s covered so you’re not surprised later on.

Is there a deductible?

If there’s a deductible on your plan, you’ll be required to pay this before your coverage kicks in, so be sure to ask what it is in order to accurately compare plans.

What about sedation?

If you’re truly terrified of the dentist, you might want to ask whether sedation is covered for certain dental procedures. Usually, insurance companies do not cover sedation, but sometimes they do with limitations. If this is important to you, definitely speak up.

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