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What’s Dad Worth? More Than You Think!

happy fathers dayWhen it comes to preparing for the future, you already know that life insurance is a vital tool. Not only does life insurance help surviving loved ones to get along without the breadwinner in their lives, but it can also be a good investment. Knowing how much life insurance to get, however, can be a difficult task. Aside from his salary, you’ll need to consider the other “services” dad provides – which add up quickly!

Gardener/Grounds Maintenance

In your household, chances are it’s dad who does the outdoor grunt work. From mowing the lawn to trimming bushes and pulling weeds, dad puts in a good deal of time maintaining the landscape at home. Wondering what that’s worth? More than $12 per hour if you pay an outside source.


Mom might do a lot of driving around, but so does dad. In fact, the average working dad puts in three hours a week shuttling kids. Want to put a price on that? You’re looking at about $15 per hour, or $45 per week!

Grill Master

Whether his specialty is filet mignon or scrambled eggs, we’re guessing your dad does his share of cooking. Those services don’t come free if dad isn’t around. A cook makes more than $13 an hour, so if you don’t want to eat cereal for every meal, you’ll need to take that into account.

Handy Man

Leaky faucet? Broken washing machine? Dad is the first one to the job. Those handy man services aren’t cheap. IN fact, you’ll pay upwards of $14 per hour for a maintenance worker, and that doesn’t include parts!


From science projects to spelling homework, dad is on the job most evenings. So what if you have to hire an actual tutor? Well, you’ll be looking at $10 or more per hour.


Oft times, dad has to play the CFO role at home – even if he has no financial background! From paying bills to getting insurance quotes, dad often is charged with making the family budget work. And those services aren’t cheap.

Is your dad priceless? We think so too. Make sure the whole family is protected with life insurance.

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