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Tyler Insurance Group has Moved!

Tyler Insurance Group, a premier provider of health, dental, life, travel and other insurance products, has recently announced that they have moved locations. The Tyler Insurance Group office is now located at 5540 S. Ft. Apache Rd, Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89138. The location will better assist Tyler Insurance Group in serving its wide audience of … Read more

3 Reasons You Might Need Travel Medical Insurance

Let’s be honest; vacations are expensive. And when you’re already forking over cash for airline tickets, hotels and all that pricey (but so delicious) vacation food, adding on a travel medical insurance premium might not sound like your cup of tea. But that insurance policy might just save your life – literally and figuratively. Travel … Read more

Primary Care Physician Loyalty Could “Pay” Out

When it comes to your healthcare costs, few things are more expensive than a single trip to the emergency room. From the copays to the diagnostics to the actual few minutes you get to spend with a doctor, those hours in the ER can equate to a pretty big chunk out of the checking account. … Read more

3 Myths About Dental Insurance

If you’ve ever experienced a dental emergency, you likely already know how aggravating – and expensive – dental work can be. That’s why dental insurance is so important for you and your family. But let’s be honest, there are a lot of rumors out there about dental insurance, and unfortunately, many of them just aren’t … Read more

Reasons to Protect Your Pets

Sure, you already know that dogs are man’s best friends. But your dog – or cat, or parrot – is more than a friend; he’s a part of your family. That’s why getting Las Vegas pet insurance can be such a wise decision, not only for your pet’s sake, but for the sake of your … Read more

6 Tips for Finding a Great Doctor

If you’ve ever gone doctor shopping, you know it can be an intimidating venture. After all, you want a doctor who is experienced, convenient, friendly and easy to talk to. Combine that with great staff and suitable payment options and it can be tough to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some tips … Read more

Independence Day Safety Tips

Everyone’s favorite day of the summer months is almost upon us; the 4th of July is around the corner! With temperatures heating up, cars hitting the road and fireworks lighting the summer skies, Independence Day offers its share of safety risks. Keep those you love safe in the land you love this week; the following … Read more

5 Tips for Staying Active – and Healthy – This Summer

Ah, the summer months. With Memorial Day come and gone, we now get to look forward to a few glorious months of sunshine, vacation and endless activities. Summer also happens to be a busy time of year for most families, with vacations, sports and other activities taking up a lot of calendar space. This year, … Read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Switching Health Insurance Plans

If you feel like it’s time to change health insurance plans, we get it; after all, your health is too valuable to risk on sub-par insurance. But if you’ll be looking into a new carrier or a new plan, you should know which questions to ask to ensure you get the insurance you need. Here’s … Read more

5 Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

It’s that time of year again; school is just about out for the year and families are planning their yearly summer vacation. And while this is one of the best times of the year, it can also be one of the most stressful. After all, planning, packing and pulling off a trip for an entire … Read more